Frontier Rotary Cutters

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Make Frontier
Model Rotary Cutters
Type Cutting and Mowing Equipment

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Models available at Sloan Implement: RC2048, RC2060, RC2072, and RC2084.

Tackle tough mowing jobs quick and easy with the Frontier 20 Series Rotary Cutters. Available in 4-, 5-, 6-, and the new 7-foot models, there’s a rotary cutter perfect for your mowing chores. These affordable tools cut through rough grass, thick weeds, and brush. Best of all, with heavy-duty features on a standard-duty rotary cutter, you get superior reliability and performance. The RC2048 is ideal for small-property owners with tractors from 19 to 45 horsepower, and is available in a 4-foot working width to handle your simple cutting chores. The RC2060 is compatible with tractors from 20 to 65 horsepower, and is available in a 5-foot working width. This implement is great for small-land owners who need extra width in their mowing operations. For even greater coverage, check out the RC2072 with a 6-foot working width. Hook this efficient tool up to your tractors from 25 to 65 horsepower.

If you’re looking for more, the new, rugged RC2084 makes light work of big cutting jobs. Available in a 7-foot working width, the RC2084 is perfect for landscapers with tractors from 45 to 90 horsepower. Best of all, the RC20 Series has all the great features you need for a productive day in the field. Including heat-treated suction blades for a sharper cut. Long-lasting skid shoes that protect the rotary cutter when sitting too close to the ground. A lower lip Z-Profile that extends from the skid shoes to the apron, providing increased durability. And an angle iron deck surface that prevents debris and water buildup.

The Frontier 20 Series Rotary Cutters are sold and supported by John Deere, the most trusted name in farm, ranch and lawn equipment. To help you choose the right Frontier Rotary Cutter, talk to your local John Deere dealer, your exclusive source of Frontier Equipment.


  • There is one standard blade pan for all four sizes of the RC20 Series Rotary Cutters. The blade pan is stamped instead of fabricated and is statically balanced to reduce vibration.
  • The round-back deck design on the RC20 Series Rotary Cutter enables easy maneuvering into tight corners and around trees, fences, and other hard-to-reach areas.
  • The lower hitching point on the RC20 Series Rotary Cutter accommodates a reversible front hitch for smaller or older tractors.
  • Adjusting the cutting height is easy. Along with adjusting a tractor's three-point linkage, simply move the support bar to the desired cutting height.
  • The front deck and deflector support are flush with the deck on the RC20 Series Rotary Cutters. This allows water and debris an unrestricted exit off the top of the deck.




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